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Atte ka Halwa with Twist| Wheat Flour Sheera | Winter Special

Atte ka Halwa is very popular Sweet Dessert in North India. It is very easy to make as it requires only few ingredients which are easily available at our home and can be made for any occasion or any day when you want to have something sweet. Atte ka Halwa tastes best when served hot.

Step – by – Step Video of Atte ka Halwa

Prep Time 5 mins                Cook Time30 Mins                  Serving4


  1. Wheat Flour – 1 Cup
  2. Sugar – 1 Cup
  3. Ghee or Clarified Butter – ¾ Cup
  4. Hot Water – 3 Cups
  5. Chopped Dry Fruits (of your choice)– For Garnishing
  6. Gram Flour – 3 Tbsp.

Method – 

  1. Heat ghee in a wok.
  2. Add in wheat flour and start roasting it on medium flame.
  3. Stir continuously while roasting so that it doesn’t stick to wok.
  4. Keep roasting it until it changes it color and you get the aroma of roasted wheat flour.
  5. Now its time to add a twist i.e. gram flour. Add gram flour in it.
  6. Keep on stirring the mixture and roast it until the mixture gets golden brown.
  7. Now add hot water (Be careful after adding water, mixture will splutter) and stir the mixture so that no lumps are formed.
  8. Now add sugar and cook it till it gets fully dissolved.
  9. After the sugar gets dissolved switch off the flame.
  10. Garnish Halwa with finely chopped dry fruits and serve it hot.

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Indian Sweets


Hello Friends


There are two reasons to celebrate, therefore I have made Chocolate Barfi so that I can share my happiness with you everyone with this Barfi.

  1. My first reason is that it’s 19th October and it’s a Diwali time. I wish you all HAPPY AND PROPSEROUS DIWALI. May Goddess Laxmi bless you with all Happiness and Wealth. May all your wishes come true.
  2. Second reason is that I have crossed 50 FOLLOWERS. It’s being two months I am writing recipe blogs and enjoying at the same time. I want to thanks everyone who followed my blogs and supported and motivated me to post more recipes. I would like to reassure you that I will try my best to post more new and exciting recipes. Keep supporting and motivating me in future also.

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Hi Friends

Today I am making Instant Coconut Ladoos. Another Indian Sweet from my blogs after BESAN KE LADOO

Coconut Ladoo is another very popular festival sweet. There are various ways in which coconut ladoo can be made. Today I am making instant coconut ladoo which requires only two ingredients. The process to make these ladoos is very easy and quick. These ladoos taste so delicious that whenever these are made at my home, I eat at least 2-3 ladoos a day. These ladoos stay good for 4-5 days in a fridge

Prep Time – 10 Mins                           Serving – 10-12 Ladoos

Ingredients –

  1. Desiccated Coconut – 500 Gms
  2. Condensed Milk – 1 ½ Cups

Method –

  1. Take 450 Gms of desiccated coconut in a mixing bowl.
  2. Add in condensed milk.
  3. Mix both ingredients properly and prepare a ladoo mixture.
  4. Now make small balls from the mixture.
  5. Take remaining 50 Gms. of desiccated coconut in a plate.
  6. Roll ladoos in desiccated coconut and Instant Coconut Ladoo is ready.


Enjoy! these ladoos and follow my blog and facebook page for more such recipes. Till then bye and see you in my next blog.



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Besan ke Ladoo is a very popular Indian dessert during festivals. As Diwali is coming (my favorite festival) so thought of sharing this popular Indian dessert with you all. It can be prepared to celebrate other occasions also. It is very easy and quick recipe which can be prepared with only few ingredients. It can be easily stored for around 4-5 weeks.

Prep Time – 5 mins                    Cook Time – 30 mins                      Serving – 20


  1. Besan (Gram Flour) – 3 Cups
  2. Melted Ghee (Clarified Butter) – ¾ Cup
  3. Powdered Sugar – 1 Cup
  4. Finely Chopped Cashew Nuts and Almonds – ¼ Cup (Optional)

Method –

  1. Heat ghee in a wok.
  2. Add in gram flour and mix well.
  3. Roast it on a low flame and stir continuously so that it doesn’t get stick to the bottom of the wok.
  4. Roast it until you get nice aroma out of it and it changes color to light brown.
  5. Now allow it to cool completely.
  6. Add finely chopped nuts and powdered sugar and mix them until sugar gets perfectly blended with the roasted gram flour and mixture becomes smooth.
  7. Now divide mixture into small portions and shape them into ladoos.

Tips –

  1. Green Cardamom Powder can also be added. It will give nice flavor to Ladoo. I have not added it because I don’t like the taste of cardamom.
  2. Nuts like pistachios or raisins or any other nuts of your choice can also be added.
  3. Before adding sugar, roasted gram flour mixture should be completely cool down, otherwise on adding sugar it will leave moisture and it will become difficult to give shape to ladoos.
  4. Because of moist in mixture if you are not able to form ladoo then keep mixture in fridge for some time. Ghee will solidify and you will be easily able to form ladoo.

Besan ke Ladoo

Enjoy this ladoos with your friends and relatives on this Diwali and share your experience with me. Follow my blogs and Facebook page for more such recipes. Have a nice day!