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If bored of eating regular paneer (cottage cheese) pakora then I have one another option for you all and i.e. Paneer Pops. It is very easy to make and tasty to eat.

Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Pops are very delicious snacks which can be served during evening tea time. It can also be served as a starter in Kitty Parties, Get – Together etc. It is enjoyed by all age group people. I and my family enjoyed a lot.


Equipments Used –

  1. Measuring Cups (Baking Measurement Measuring Cups And Spoons Set 8 pcs)

Prep Time – 10 Mins.                            Cook Time – 10 Mins.

Ingredients –

  1. Cottage Cheese Pops, small cubes – 400 Grams
  2. All Purpose Flour – 1 Cup
  4. Coriander Powder (Catch Spices Coriander Powder 500gms)
  5. Red Chilli Flakes (Keya Chilli Flakes, 40g)
  6. Salt to Taste
  7. Black Pepper Powder (Keya Black Pepper Powder Bottle, 60g)
  8. Oregano (Keya Oregano, 9g)
  9. Breadcrumbs – 1 Cup
  10. Oil for Frying
  11. Chaat Masala
  12. Tomato Ketchup

Method –

  1. In a bowl add all-purpose flour and all spices and prepare a paste with the help of water.
  2. Now dip small cubes of Cottage Cheese one by one in paste and roll it on breadcrumbs and deep fry them.
  3. Sprinkle chaat masala on it and serve with Tomato Ketchup.




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